F. Edwin Church


The Peacock Girl

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Artist F. Edwin Church
Date 1914
Medium Oil
Dimensions 44-1/2" x 39-1/2"

Exhibit History

March 18, 1916, Awarded the Thomas B. Clark Prize for Best Figural Composition, National Academy of Design, NY

May 1916, Detroit Museum of Art, The 2nd Annual Exhibition of Paintings by American Artists, #24

June, July, August 1916, The Toledo Museum of Art, Annual Summer Exhibition of Selected Paintings by American Artists, #121

September-October 10, 1916, Ohio State University, Fall Exhibition of Contemporary American Painters

November 2-December 7, 1916, Art Institute of Chicago, The 29th Annual Exhibition of American Oil Paintings, #56

February 4-March 25, 1917, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Annual Exhibition, #381

August 20-27, 1917, Duxbury Art Association 1st Annual Exhibition at Partridge Academy

August 6-September 7, 1921, Lyme Art Gallery, 20th Annual Exhibition, #20

July 2, 1932, Exhibition of 1000 Pieces of Art, Historic Old Orchard Barn, put on by the Chamber of Commerce, Rosyln, Long Island, NY

March 9, 1975, Retrospective, Country Art Gallery, Locust Valley, NY