F. Edwin Church



About the Project

The purpose of this website is multifaceted. First and foremost, it is an educational resource to enlighten the art community and public at large as to the identity of F. Edwin Church. Next, it is a tool designed to encourage participation in locating Mr. Church's artwork for the purposes of recording it in the catalogue. The fact that the generations with first-hand knowledge and relationships with Mr. Church are fast disappearing has added impetus to the creation of this data base. It has been the desire of family members to recognize and honor the artist's life and works in some public fashion. This web site is a means toward that end. The results are a collaborative effort conducted by the artist's now late grand-daughter, Mary S. Grothe; Jan Wiley, Project Director; and Roberta Recor, Graphic Designer and Research Associate.

The active research for this project has been done periodically over the last two decades and is a continual process. To date it has revealed a substantial portion of the exhibition history and located many works that are held privately. Provenance for much of the artwork has been traced through family papers and exhibition catalogues.  

The internet has been extraordinary in its capacity as a research tool, leading to new discoveries and appropriate sources to verify findings. Even so, the  challenge of gleaning reliable information has been substantial. F. Edwin Church (1876-1975) is often mistaken for the undeniably famous Hudson River School artist, Frederic Edwin Church (1826 -1900), after which, our artist was named.

Photographs of the artwork were provided primarily by the late Mary S. Grothe and Jan  Wiley, with some donated by current private owners.

This project is privately funded.  Please contact us with any information or questions you may have regarding this project or the artist's artwork. However,  we do not provide authentication or values for any artwork.


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